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CANCELLED - Christmas Services

As well as the current national situation, we’ve become aware of safety issues locally which have a bearing on what we were proposing for our Christmas worship services

On the basis that safety is paramount it’s with great sadness that I feel that the safest course of action is to cancel the Watchnight and Christmas Day joint services. I am very conscious that this will bring disappointment into an already difficult time. However we need to absolutely have safety as our first priority.

There will be services on TV that can be viewed both on the evening of Christmas Eve, and on Christmas Day,(the Moderator is conducting one from St Giles in Edinburgh) and we shall put up on Youtube the Christmas service that we are putting into Willow House and Ladywalk for the residents there.

It would also be prudent to cancel the physical services on Sunday the 27th December. The Moderator has prepared an online service for that day and I will arrange for the link to it to be distributed around later this week.

Thank you all for your forbearance in all this.

Lastly, although the times are difficult and uncertainty is in the air in so many ways, let us rejoice in all that we have and can enjoy this Christmas season. Just as it was a difficult time and journey to Bethlehem, let’s see our own situation in that light, and know deep down that we too in our time are guided by the God who was directing the star so many years ago.

With every good wish to you all for a peaceful Christmas and New Year

Revd John Murray

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