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Induction of New Minister​

I am happy to announce that the induction of your new minister will take place on the 10th July, but virtual mean as Mr Murray will be in Skye for some time until it is possible for him to move to the manse and be resident. He will offer services as you have had with Rev Peter Neilson’s efforts and support for funerals etc. and emergency pastoral care in his absence will be made.

Please let the Session Clerk, Mrs Helen Armitage know that you wish to be added to the list of those able to view the induction when it takes place.

You will have to indicate the preferred email address  and be able to receive pictorial and audio messages on your commuter. The method will probably be to use Zoom.

 The names and email  address have to be sent to Mrs Armitage by the 15th of June to allow the massive task of the loading of the information  into the system to allow the service to take place.

With thanks for your cooperation in this venture.

It is good to be at this stage of the process and while it is not quite what we might have wished, it will be good to have the minister ready to engage with the parish as soon as circumstances allow.

With kind regards,

Nigel J Robb ( Revd)

Interim Moderator of Crail linked with St Ayle

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